Important things

Deceptive ads of any kind simply have no place in an ongoing business. If you have that so little confidence in the value of what your site offers, that you feel you must trick people into visiting, it’s time to pack it in. Think of a better idea, and try again when you’re ready to do business the right way. If you’re smart enough to swindle people, you should be able to make an even better living the honest way.

It’s very tempting to try some of these little tricks, especially if your traffic is really low. In the long run, though, the value of your site, and its good name, depend on sticking to the straight and narrow path. Your banners should clearly communicate your message, and give people an idea of what they’re clicking for. Banner ads are never going to be the best way to bring interested visitors to your site anyway! If your site is well designed, with strong content and good value, a banner ad will never do it justice ? spend some time soliciting reciprocal links from other sites instead.

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