New method

Now, here are the results: 141 of the 200 recipients visited the site, all opting to receive further email. 51 more opted to correspond by email alone, and many of those who visited the site also sent email. The email received was very complementary, and no one complained about receiving the solicitation. Those who responded provided leads on dozens of smaller sites on the same subject, including many personal home pages, which they’d never have found on a search engine.

Traffic Sign "Marketing Strategy"
The next stage in their marketing campaign was to seek reciprocal links from all of the sites they had located, along with many others they found by following links from those sites. Because of the quality of their site’s content, they were extremely successful in their reciprocal links campaign. Three months after launching their site, they have over 800 subscribers to their newsletter, and their site receives over 1200 visits a day. Revenues from the site in the first quarter have already exceeded their goal for the entire year!

This story, in the final analysis, is all about targeting your message. This campaign was successful because their message reached people they knew would be interested, and because information on the subject is very difficult to find. As a result, none of the recipients was offended by being offered access to the information contained in the company’s web site. Firing off “targeted” emails to people who ask questions about dog food in the rec.pets.dogs newsgroup, in an effort to sell them dog food, is definitely SPAM, and will almost certainly cause problems for the sending party.


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