Three newsgroups

They had found three newsgroups that occasionally contained postings about their area of interest. For two weeks, they read all of the messages in these groups. By that time, they had a list of 200 names and email addresses, of people who had a definite interest in the subject their site covers. Their plan was to leverage that list of 200 names into a larger mailing list, and jump-start their site’s traffic by asking for the addresses of other web sites for a reciprocal linking campaign.

They composed an email message, which stated that they had seen the recipient’s posting in the newsgroup, and that they had just launched a site on the very subject the recipient had brought up in the newsgroup. Furthermore, they requested assistance in locating other Internet resources on the subject, in order to improve their site. They gave the recipient three choices: visit the web site and fill in a form (with a checkbox to opt-in and continue receiving email), correspond directly via email with a “live” person, or simply ignore the email (in which case they’d never be bothered again.) This message was addressed to each person individually, and in most cases included a direct response to the recipient’s newsgroup posting as well.

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